Project 9000

My current project, dubbed “Project 9000”, is to achieve 9000 (yes really) goals. I have collected lists over the years and created quite a few lists of things to achieve and along with inspiration from a number of organizations (there are people who “collect” national parks and counties and countries, etc), I have put together these lists in order to create one gigantic list of things to do, see, experience, and collect! These lists include:

That’s a total of 9000 individual things to check off these lists although many will overlap (ie: I may do a marathon in a place and this will check off the marathon from the walks list, the county it takes place in and the state it takes place in). Also many of these items can be completed together (wandering around downtown Las Vegas will knock off a dozen items at a time depending on where you walk!).

Overall this should be a massive project that will keep me busy for the next few decades!